Homeopathic Consultations

Homeopathic consultations are very different from appointments with a doctor. You will have plenty of time, personal attention and long term support. Consultations available throughout South Devon, or online.


Homeopathic Consultations/Home Visits
Long Term Support
Personal attention
Details are Important
Environmental Factors

Confidentiality, and consultations with under-16s.

Follow-Up Consultations
Online Homeopathic Consultations

Homeopathic Consultations

Totnes homeopathy clinicHomeopathic consultations are very different from an average appointment with a doctor. You will have plenty of time, personal attention and long term support. I understand how busy people are, you have commitments to work, family or children, and I am flexible about meeting times.

I can see you in my clinic in Totnes (pictured left); I can arrange a home visit if you live in South Devon; you may prefer an Online Consultation.

Home visits are available at no extra charge in Totnes, Torquay, Paignton, Brixham, South Brent, Buckfastleigh, Ashburton and Newton Abbot.

Home visits can be arranged for an extra fee in Kingsbridge, Dartmouth, Teignmouth, Kingsteignton, Ivybridge, Bovey Tracey, and southern areas of Dartmoor.

Your first homeopathic consultation will last around two hours; I will listen to you carefully, and accurately record all the details,which are so important in homeopathy. After the consultation, I will research your case, and I will prescribe your homeopathic treatment.

You may collect your remedy at my house, or I will post it to you, with instructions.


Long Term Support

I encourage my clients to keep in contact with me by phone or email, and let me know their progress. In acute cases, I may talk to you every day for a while. I provide free support, and repeat prescriptions if necessary, for up to 2 months, or until the next appointment if that is sooner.

Follow-up appointments are usually 4-6 weeks after your first visit, although some people may need to come more, or less, frequently.  Follow-up appointments take 30-60 minutes, depending on your needs. I will prescribe further medicine if necessary.


Personal Attention

What will we talk about during your appointments?
Say, for example, you consult me about your migraines.

headacheFirst of all, I like to find out as much as possible about this main problem.

I would like you to tell me all about what they feel like, in detail. This process would be similar for any problem, not only migraines. We might cover the following questions: 

  • Where in the head, face or neck is the pain?
  • What sensation exactly do you feel - throbbing, burning, sharp or dull?
  • How they begin and how they end.
  • How long each one lasts.
  • How long you have had them.
  • Any accompanying symptoms such as nausea or visual effects, and whether they are before, during or after the migraine.
  • Any tests you have had.
  • What treatments have you used, and how effective were they.
  • What brings the migraine on: lack of sleep, perhaps, or overwork, or worry, periods, or certain foods.
  • How is the migraine affected by light, heat, eating and drinking, sleep, time of day, movement, rest, or your position.
  • I shall map the frequency, looking at seasons, days of the week, and for women, your hormone cycles. 

I would make similar enquiries for whatever you consult me about: skin problems, depression, or any other ailment.

In this way, we establish an accurate baseline, against which we can assess your reaction to treatment, and your progress. In other words, I need to know exactly how you feel now, in order to tell how the treatment affects you!

I do not diagnose medical problems. If you need a diagnosis, I encourage you to see a doctor. I will never conduct a physical examination, other than superficial examination while you are fully clothed.


Details are Important  

Next, I would like you to talk about any other problems you have. I am interested in physical problems, emotional, even spiritual; what ever is bothering you. I'd like to discover which things stress you, maybe money or the kids, your partner or a job interview. Small details are important to the homeopath, as they may make the difference between choosing one remedy, or another. These details would probably be insignificant to a conventional health practitioner.


Environmental Factors 

I also like to hear about your response to the physical environment. Heat and cold, damp and storms, and the way you feel at different times of day or night. Your appetite is significant, and the state of your digestive system; also which foods you love or hate the most, and any sensitivities.

Your moods, and your relationship with other people, are very important. For children, the history of pregnancy, delivery and nursing are very useful. We shall cover how you sleep, what you dream about, your childhood background and your family’s medical history. I shall be interested in how you feel about work, school, and world affairs.


Confidentiality, and

Consultations with Under 16s.

door keyAs you can see, a homeopathic consultation is a deep exploration of many aspects of your life, because all these things may affect your health. Most people will never have done anything like this before. You may find it surprisingly relaxing, surprisingly revealing, and surprisingly tiring. You yourself may see patterns in your health of which you had not been aware.

Many people talk about things they have never spoken of before, and it often helps to have someone to talk to outside your circle of family, friends or colleagues. I can reassure you that all of this is confidential. Your consultation is subject to the UK Data Protection Act 1989. You can find out more about confidentiality and my professional Code of Ethics on the Society of Homeopaths website (see links).
You may choose to involve other adults in your consultation if they can offer useful information. For example, partners can help with information about moods; parents can help with details of medical history or family background. Their contributions will be confidential also.

Children and Young People up to 16

I frequently work with infants, children, and young people. I follow UK government guidelines, and the Society of Homeopaths Code of Ethics, on working with children 16 and under.

In most cases, children are happy to work alongside a responsible adult, and will benefit from the adult's memory and understanding of events. Older children and young people up to 16 may appreciate a little time alone with me, or may be able to deal with most of the consultation themselves. Taking this responsibility may be a significant part of their road to recovery.

Young people over 16 will be treated as adults, although input from family members can be very helpful.

Although I prefer to work with the family or other responsible adult, I will respect a young person's wishes regarding privacy, within the law. As the law states: I must respect any request from a competent under-16 year old to keep their treatment confidential, unless disclosure is justified on the grounds of reasonable cause to suspect that the child is suffering, or is likely to suffer, significant harm.
You can view these government guidelines in the booklet 'Seeking consent: Working with Children' at www.dh.gov.uk (publications).

There may be risks in in Online Consultations with young people. If enquiries are received from, or are suspected to be from, anyone 16 or under, I will ask for appropriate confirmation of identity and age, and/or adult permission, before proceeding. However, I will respect the young person's wishes regarding confidentiality, as far as legally possible, and as far as seems reasonable to me.

I will never conduct any physical examination of anyone 16 or under, without the presence of an agreed adult.

Please see Privacy Policy and Children's Policy, in Terms and Conditions.


Follow-up Consultations

During your follow-up consultations, we will review all these things, to see whether anything is different. Changes may begin in ways you do not expect. You will also have the chance to talk about any new issues, or anything you forgot about the previous time.

If you have more questions about homeopathic consultations or treatment, please see

Frequently Asked Questions or Contact me.


Online Homeopathic Consultations 

online consultationsYou may prefer the online help I offer. This is very convenient if you do not live near a homeopath, cannot find one you like, or are very busy. Online homeopathic consultations follow a similar pattern to that outlined above.

Initially, I will send you a form to fill in. On the consultation form, you will see questions about all areas of your health, just as we would discuss face to face. We will follow this up with emails, a phone call or even Skype which I have just installed, I haven't much experience yet!

I will spend just as long researching your case as I would if I saw you in person. It is less personal, but some people find that reassuring. It can be easier to discuss difficult subjects this way, and there are no problems with parking, time off work or childcare.

If you do not live locally, you may also find a homeopath in your own area. You can contact one of the homeopathic societies listed in Links

Children and under-16s - please see above Confidentiality, and consultations with under-16s.


To book an appointment please Contact me.

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