childrens dosages of natural remedies

Children's Dosages

of Natural Remedies.


Always read instructions on any product. Information on this site is not intended in any way as prescription or diagnosis, and is not a substitute for the advice of a doctor or other suitably qualified health professional. If you or your child have a medical condition, or take prescription medication, please seek medical advice. Please read Terms and Conditions
before using this website.

Some natural remedies you buy will indicate a safe dose for children, some will not.
If a dose is stated, please follow the instructions.
Never neglect medical support.

childrens dosagesIf you know the medicine is OK for children, but does not state a dose, calculate by body weight.

First, weigh your child! With small children, weigh yourself, then pick the child up and weigh again, then find the difference.

It can be either pounds or kilos, but stick to the same unit throughout.

Now calculate. Take an average adult to be 150lb(68Kg). This is who the stated adult dose is for.

Divide the weight of the child by this adult weight. This is your fraction.

So, a child of 55 lbs(24Kg) gives a fraction of 0.35 = 35% (55/150, or 24/68, = 0.35). This child would receive 35% of the adult dose. Your child may be different!

This is subject to any other sensible considerations, like their degree of illness, ability to assimilate, etc. Naturally, stop and seek advice from a health professional if you are unsure, or you experience problems. And please use your common sense - never put a child at risk.

Babies under 6 months.

It is safer to give nothing unless:
  • You have seen a reliable safety recommendation..
  • Or a dose for babies is given with the product.
  • Or you have consulted a suitably qualified health professional.
Please also see Children's Illnesses, warts, veruccas and bedwetting, pages 1,2 and 3
including the section 'My Child Can't Swallow Pills' on Page 3

For digestive problems and Colic please also see Natural Remedies for Crying Babies

For injuries please see the First Aid page.

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