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Natural Health Answers to your questions on all aspects of natural remedies. The Report provides you with the independent safety information you need to buy supplements safely.


Introduction to the Natural Health Answers REPORT

This REPORT can answer your questions on any aspect of natural remedies!

natural answers to your health questions

The Natural Health Answers REPORT will give you answers to your own questions about health problems, or information about particular products, including weight loss products. Your confidential answers will be emailed or posted to your own home.

Many websites sell natural products, but very few have reliable information about them. This REPORT aims to provide you with the information you need to buy supplements safely.


What Questions Can I Ask?

In one report, you can receive up to 6 detailed answers, for example:

1. Safe remedies for your own health problem. For example, which remedies can I use for arthritis? Which remedies are safe for a child's earache?
This could include
herbs, vitamins, or minerals, homeopathic remedies, tissue salts or Bach flower remedies.

2. Natural remedies which are safe with your doctor's medication.

3. Top food sources for any nutrient. For example, which foods are the best sources of Vitamin B12, or Selenium?

4. Weight loss or fitness products.

5. Information about a particular remedy or supplement.

6. Descriptions and dosage for homeopathic remedies.

7. Anything else? Try me!

ask any question you like at natural health answersYou choose - what answers you need.

You ask - 6 questions from any subjects.

All you need to do is contact me for a form. Details of fees and payment at How to Pay.


Why Choose Natural Remedies?

natural healing abilityWe recognise that we have a natural healing ability in our bodies. If we cut ourselves, new skin grows. If a bone is broken, new bone grows. If life offers us disappointment, grief, frustration, we can learn to cope with it and move on. And although we are surrounded by many millions of bacteria, viruses and fungi, most of them will pass us by without harm. Our immune and healing systems are stronger than we might think; it is a marvellous thing.

In an ideal world, our natural healing ability would be enough.

Unfortunately, many of us live in a somewhat unnatural world. We work hard, worry a lot, and we are surrounded by pollution of various kinds. Our soil no longer carries the nutrients it once did, so our fruit and vegetables contain fewer minerals.

Modern medicines have changed the way we respond to disease, sadly not always for the better, although some prescribed medicines are indispensable. Natural remedies strengthen our natural abilities, and help us to avoid treatments or foods that damage us. A Natural Health Answers REPORT can help you choose the natural treatments that are right for you.

I supply Viridian Vitamins and Minerals.


Health Topics - free information

You may find the information you need in the free Health Topics pages, they contain a great deal of information about over-the-counter supplements. SEE MAIN MENU FOR LIST.

Also Newsletter

If the information you seek is not among these health topics, please use the REPORT service, outlined above. If you are interested in a product that is not listed, the REPORT can also check out the ingredients for you.


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