How to Take

Homeopathic Remedies

For good results taking homeopathic remedies, please follow these guidelines.

All homeopathic remedies

What to Avoid.
mint and homeopathic remedies These may interfere with your remedies. Please avoid them while consultations with your homeopath continue.
Anything containing very strong smells, such as menthol, camphor, eucalyptus or strong mint. E.g. cough/throat sweets, cold sore cream, Olbas Oil, certain strong toothpastes and sweets. Check the ingredient list – and sniff the product! Mild mint toothpaste is acceptable, or change to fennel or another flavour.
All coffee including decaffeinated.
Strong fumes e.g. paint, creosote.
Remedy Storage
Please store all remedies carefully, in a cool dark place, out of direct sunlight, and away from strong smells. Keep out of reach of children, although accidental doses are not harmful to children.

How to Take Homeopathic Remedies
All remedies are absorbed in the mouth. Avoid anything by mouth for at least 15 minutes before and after each dose (unless urgent). This includes toothpaste or tobacco, food, and drinks except water.
• Children can safely take the same dose. If in doubt consult a qualified homeopath.

Self Treatment and Over the Counter Remedies

What is Appropriate to Treat Yourself?
Homeopathy is a gentle and effective treatment to use at home. You can treat acute problems, that is, problems that have a natural limit, such as colds, cuts and bruises, and mild coughs, mild children’s illnesses or fevers.
You can find remedies to relieve the symptoms of recurring problems, such as migraines or period pains. In the long term, however, these are really chronic problems, and require the advice of a qualified homeopath. Medical advice and treatment should not be neglected.

Chronic illnesses do not have a natural limit, in fact they may get gradually worse without help. They include allergies, depression, rheumatism, chronic fatigue, skin problems, hormone imbalance, and any recurring problem. For these it is best to consult a qualified homeopath, as it requires experience to assess the changes that may occur with homeopathic remedies. Again, medical advice should not be neglected.

Frequency of Dose
The basic rules are:
More serious or intense – more frequent
Less serious or milder – less frequent.
Stop if improving.
Don’t continue if it does not help.
These guidelines assume you are using over-the counter potencies of 6x, 6C or 30C:-
  • Less serious acute complaints such as slowly developing flu, mild fevers: 1 dose every 4-8 hours. Assess after 24 hours. Do not neglect medical advice or treatment.
  • Serious acute complaints such as painful cough, flu, high fever: 1 dose every 1-2 hours. Assess after a few hours according to severity. Do not neglect medical advice or treatment.
  • Long-term constant problems, such as skin conditions or arthritis; 1 dose a day for a maximum of 1 month. Assess after 2-4 weeks. Do not continue without advice from a qualified practitioner. Do not neglect medical advice or treatment.
  • Recurring or intermittent problems such as migraines, heartburn, period pains. For symptomatic relief, treat as acute, see above, according to severity: 1 dose, from hourly to every 8 hours; assess after 24 hours. As these are really aggravations of a chronic condition, do not treat long-term without advice from a qualified practitioner. Do not neglect medical advice or treatment. For more advice contact me.
What Happens Next - How Long do I Continue?
  • For acute or recurring conditions, do not exceed 10 doses without assessing progress and/or consulting a qualified homeopath.
  • For long-term, constant conditions, do not self-treat for more than 1 month.
  • As symptoms improve, reduce frequency of dose, stop if clear improvement has begun. Wait and see if improvement continues.
  • If you improve, then the same symptoms return, repeat the same treatment.
  • If you improve, but different symptoms return, you may need a different remedy.
  • If you do not improve, change remedy or consult a qualified homeopath or doctor. Do not neglect medical advice or treatment.
  • There is no set course for homeopathic treatment, unlike pharmacy or prescription drugs. Your progress, and individual response, determine the next step. If you are unsure, please contact me or another qualified homeopath.

Remedies Prescribed

by Helen Swan

prescribed homeopathic
Please avoid any other homeopathic medicines not prescribed by Helen Swan.
Some medicines may work differently when taken in combination with others.

  • Take one at a time. In constitutional treatment, you may only need one tablet for many weeks.
  • Avoid handling pills; use a clean teaspoon, or tip one into the lid. Suck or chew until dissolved. The taste is pleasant. For children or animals, you can crush the pill or dissolve in a little water.
  • If you drop a pill do not use it.
  • Take one only, unless directed differently.

homeopathic remedies in water1. Plussing: tablets into liquid

This method extends the use of a tablet.

It is useful if you haven’t many left, and also ensures a gentler and more even response to the remedy.

Stirring raises the potency, hence ‘plussing’.
  • Dissolve one tablet in a half glass of water. It does not matter if some of it does not dissolve.
  • Give one teaspoonful per dose. Cover the glass, and keep cool.
  • Stir vigorously before each dose. Repeat as directed.
  • Renew glass every 1-2 days, or add a little alcohol (spirits) to preserve it.

2. Liquid LM Potencies
liquid homeopathic These are special homeopathic remedies made as liquids. They are designed to be repeated frequently, and have a cumulative action. They are especially useful in sensitive conditions.

LM remedies are potentized in the laboratory in a different way from tablets (centesimal or decimal). The dilution is much higher, so that the action of these remedies is even gentler. Numbers are consecutive 0/1, 0/2, 0/3 etc. rather than having big gaps like the tablets, 6c, 30C etc. For more information, read How Does Homeopathy Work.

If posted, your remedy will arrive either as a small dropper bottle, ready to use, or as one or more little vials of concentrated liquid. If they are numbered, use lowest number first. If you receive vials, you will dilute each vial into a dropper bottle.

When your dropper bottle is almost finished, please contact me. If you have several vials, you may make the next one up and continue, as directed. You may re-use a bottle for different batches of the same remedy (e.g. Pulsatilla 0/1, 0/2, 0/3). Clean the bottle with hot or boiling water but not detergent. For a different remedy (e.g. Sulphur 0/1), it is important to use a new bottle.

You will need…

  1. If mixing medicine yourself: one clean new dropper bottle, with pipette, brown glass, 30ml. size or smaller. Available from pharmacies.
  2. Brandy or other spirit as preservative. If you prefer not to use alcohol, please contact me.
  3. All medicines: still bottled water if possible. If not, use tap water.
How to mix your own medicine…
  1. Tip the vial of your medicine into the dropper bottle. Tap the base of the vial to get the remedy out.
  2. Top up with bottled water and alcohol 50:50; do not over-fill.
  3. Replace cap and shake bottle.
How to take your LM remedy…
  1. Before each dose, tap the bottle firmly 10 times on a yielding surface, such as your palm, a book , or a folded cloth. This ‘activates’ your remedy by slightly raising the potency of each dose.
  2. One dose is 1 squeeze of the pipette for both children and adults. Repeat once daily or as directed.
  3. Larger dropper bottles obviously have a larger pipette, but they also dilute the medicine more. The dose is still one squeeze of the pipette, for any size dropper bottle.
  4. If you show great sensitivity to the medicine, it may be necessary to dilute it further with bottled water.
  5. If made with alcohol, your medicine does not need to be refrigerated.

What Will Happen?
Homeopathic medicines are individual, there is no set course as there is with prescription drugs. Please keep in touch - I will discuss the exact dosage with you, and we will adjust it if necessary, depending on your progress.

In the following cases, stop your medicineand contact me:
  • Acute illness, e.g. colds, tummy upset.
  • If your existing problem gets worse, or if you experience old problems returning. These may be positive signs of a cleansing reaction, or I may need to change your treatment.
  • If you develop new symptoms and these persist, you may need a new remedy.
  • If nothing happens in 3 weeks, or previous improvement stops or levels off.


Please read Terms and Conditions.

It is your right to know the name and dose of any medicine you or your children are offered. This is especially useful if you change to another homeopath.

Sometimes, I may negotiate with you to give you this information at a later date.
This is for these reasons:
You may be well informed about homeopathy, and have books of your own, or use the internet. You may read about your remedy and gain the wrong idea about why I prescribed it. It is better to talk to me directly.
Some homeopathic remedies are made from substances you may find disagreeable, although we only use tiny amounts in potency, and there is never any danger of poisoning or contamination. For example, we make several effective remedies from snake venom, but if you have a phobia of snakes, it might be more helpful to know the origin of your remedy at a later date.

It is the duty and responsibility of every homeopath to keep accurate record of all changes and all medicines prescribed. You are entitled to see a copy of these notes.

It is the duty and responsibility of every homeopath not to discourage you from seeking medical guidance and treatment.

If you are vegan, please discuss this and I will respect your preferences before I prescribe. Most over-the counter remedies are lactose based. If you are lactose-intolerant, or vegan, please ask for guidance.

Please note, other homeopaths may give slightly different advice.

I am happy to answer any questions, please phone weekdays before 8.00pm or contact me.

Treatment from your Doctor or Dentist.

doctor Prescription Medicines.
Homeopathic remedies do not interfere with conventional medicines. Your treatment is confidential, but please maintain contact with your doctor, and DO NOT stop taking medication suddenly.

Please tell me about all medication you use, including: prescription drugs; painkillers; cough or cold cures; skin treatments; treatments for thrush, cold sores or warts; laxatives; herbal creams; supplements. This helps me monitor your treatment. You need not do without any medicine that is keeping you comfortable, and we will discuss the effect on your homeopathic treatment.

It is possible that while taking homeopathic medicines, you may experience a reduced need for conventional medicine.  However I will never suggest that you should reduce or stop taking a prescribed medication. This is strictly for you and your doctor to decide.

Dental Treatment.
Dental treatment is essential and should never be delayed because of receiving homeopathic medicines. Dental treatment does sometimes disturb homeopathic treatment. Please let me know. Natural therapies e.g. osteopathy, acupuncture, may also sometimes affect your treatment.

Please see also Homeopathic Treatment with Prescription Medication.

Out of Hours Help

out of hours help I will help acutely ill children over weekends if I can, but prefer adults to call me on weekdays, before 8.00pm. If you need urgent treatment and I am not available, or on holiday, please contact your doctor, or call:
"The Homeopathic Helpline"
09 065 343 404. UK only.
Open 9am to midnight.
Billed £1.50 per minute, to your own phone number. You can check details at

It helps to have a list ready with a concise description of your immediate problem, and a note of your last constitutional remedy from me. You may be advised to see a doctor or accident/emergency department, if homeopathy is not appropriate.

Appointments and Cancellations

24 hours notice is normally needed for any cancellations, or the full fee may be payable.


Information on this site is not intended in any way as prescription or diagnosis, and is not a substitute for medical advice. If you have a medical condition, or take prescription medication, do not neglect good quality medical support.

‘Homeopathic treatment’ does not imply cure, but an individual analysis of your situation and the selection of homeopathic remedies suited to you. No homeopathic medicines mentioned on this site should be taken as prescriptive, and you should always seek qualified advice before selecting homeopathic medicines for yourself or your children. Homeopathic medicine is complementary to good quality medical support, not a substitute. Please use your common sense, and always read instructions on any product.

Note: Reconstruction of homeopathic sections of website
Changes in UK law oblige me to remove suggested usage from specific homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy is still entirely legal, and available just as before, but medicines are now categorised as ‘’unlicensed products’. I apologise for this inconvenience. It is my opinion that restricting this information makes the use of homeopathic medicines less accurate and reliable for the general public.

Although I cannot give general guidelines on the website, you may still consult me, or another qualified homeopath, as an individual client. As this is more time-consuming, I may have to charge for this service.

If you have a medical condition, or take prescription medication, please seek medical advice. Please read Terms and Conditions before using this website.

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