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 Homeopathic Links
This is the UK’s largest professional homeopaths organisation, established in 1978. I am registered with the Society. The Society of Homeopaths can help you find a registered homeopath in your area; they also list and monitor recognised homeopathic colleges.
See note below about registers.   ARH, established 2001, maintain a separate register.
See note below about registers.
There are moves to set up a single, unified register of UK homeopaths, which may help the public. Several times this process has been derailed. And there are some groups trying to subvert this process, setting up registers which appear inclusive, but are not. Some professional associations may also change, or cease to operate. If in doubt, I recommend you contact the Society of Homeopaths for an unbiased view of whether any register can be trusted. Over and above that, always check your practitioner's credentials and insurance, and make sure it is someone you like, and can trust.
Homeopathic Pharmacies.
The following are all excellent suppliers of homeopathic remedies. All will send out bottles of remedies, or individual prescriptions, within the UK or outside. My own preference is Helios Pharmacy, who make many remedies by hand.
Helioshelen swans natural health answers helios homeopathic pharmacy    
My favourite pharmacy.
Neals Yard

HSC provides screw cap bottles, dropper bottles, glass bottles, storage systems, books, posters, water filters, Barefoot Botanicals and more. I get all my bottles and packets for dispensing remedies here. HSC provide excellent and very rapid service even for small quantities.
This inspiring project has been running since 2002 and deserves support. Much research on whether symptoms of Aids  may be relieved by homeopathic medicines (this is not cure).
Voluntary non-profit organisation in North Tanzania, using homeopathy with AIDS patients, alongside conventional medication. They do amazing work.

Natural Remedies Links

In my opinion, the best quality UK supplements of all kinds, locally sourced and organic in many cases.

It's good for you! Find out just how good on this site, and check out local events.
Bristol practitioner Joe Hoare has a good site and runs loads of events.

Bioflow Magnets
Bioflow/Ecoflow magnetic bracelets and other magnetic products. They work through increasing oxygenation to the tissues. I know many people and their pets who have benefited. This is the main site, unfortunately not very clear:

Baldwin & Co.
Baldwins are the UK's leading herbalist and supplier of natural products and natural remedies. A huge range of herbs, oils, tinctures, fluid extracts, nutritional supplements, all available online or by phone. Always try a local herbalist first!

Wonderful South Devon health shop with excellent mailorder service. As I only sell Viridian products, you can order other products here.

Fantastic pure herb products, grown and made by a friend of mine in New Zealand. A select range of useful herbs, and a good children's kit. Check out the comprehensive herb profiles, as well.  Available mailorder in the UK from Xynergy, below.

Xynergy Health Products
Pioneering natural superfood supplements, foodsource vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal remedies and skincare products in the UK for more than 25 years. For superfoods, bee products, hair and skin care, also the great Kiwiherb range (above).
Herbalist Jeanette Kozimor
Jeanette Kozimor BEd., DBth., MIRCH., Dip.Hom., MGNI., Iridologist & Medical Herbalist. If you need qualified advice about herbal medicine, contact my friend Jeanette. Jeanette has 25 years experience, and offers treatment locally in Derbyshire and South Yorkshire and also by telephone. Well Force Clinic, 28 Wilkinson Street, Sheffield S10 2GB, Tel. 0114 276 9500.
Health Topic
Online Resource for Natural Medicine with all kinds of info.

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Other Links of General & Local Interest

Plants For A Future
A resource centre for rare and unusual plants, particularly those which have edible, medicinal or other uses. They practise vegan-organic permaculture, with emphasis on creating an ecologically sustainable environment based largely on perennial plants. Great website

Garden Organic.
Website for the Henry Doubleday Research Association, Find out about organic gardening, farming, schools gardens, the organic lifestyle. Hosts the Heritage Seed Library.
Transition Towns
Find out about towns across the UK that are planning to be less dependent on oil. This is the link for my own town of Totnes.

Non-Competitive Games: Buddawheel.
My friend Emily has designed and produced a marvellous non-competitive game called Buddawheel. Spiritual and entertaining! Have a look at the website,

Growers Organics
Growers Organics at Yealmpton produce excellent quality vegetable plants, herbs and flowers, and advice too. All organic and recently votedMailorder for individuals or businesses!

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Pregnancy and Childbirth Links: including NCT
Food Links and B&Bs: A few of my favourites.
Health References: for those who like to check the research themselves.