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Food Links, Retreats and B&Bs: A few of my favourites.
Helplines: Crisis helplines, or help for particular conditions.
Health References: for those who like to check the research themselves.

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Jadelr and Cristina Cordova, 2006.

Pregnancy Childbirth & Children

N.C.T.national childbirth trust trained antenatal teacher
The National Childbirth Trust, a nationwide charity dedicated to improving the experience of pregnancy, labour and early parenting. They offer a wide range of information services, antenatal and post-natal classes, support groups and breastfeeding counsellors.
You do not need to be a member. For info please visit this site.
You are advised to book very early.

Local South Devon Antenatal Courses
I used to run NCT antenatal classes in Totnes, South Devon, but stopped in early 2011. I now provide individual antenatal sessions, great value currently at £60 per 2 hours, plus £10 if you want a home visit, on any topics you choose. Ideal for any parents who are unable to get a place in a group class. Contact me for home visits within 10 miles, or appointments at my clinic. (NB rate subject to change.)
Provides a wonderful doula service (birth support) here in South Devon.
Ideal for women who want extra support, or those who, for any reason, do not have the support of a partner.
Find info and statistics for your local birth centre or hospital.

Most useful.

If you are having problems with midwifery care in your region, you may get help here:
Association of Radical Midwives
Independent Midwives Association A small Cornish business offering lovely natural pregnancy kits. nthey have a great new forum for all things birth, too.  excellent resource on helping baby into a good position before birth.

Washable nappies can save lots - both for you and the environment. If you would like more info contact:
Based in Cornwall but with reps throughout the UK, Lollipop offer impartial advice and sales of a wide range of reusable cloth nappies and accessories.
You can also try EasyPeasy

It can be a shock to discover just how difficult it is to cope with a baby who cries a lot.

There is a lot you can do.

For support contact

Fostering solutions, an independent agency who are passionate about positive outcomes for children and young people in foster care. UK site with lots of useful info and links,

The Hydrant A new idea, simple but effective: a sports-bottle-type drink dispenser, adapted for childbirth and early parenting to clip onto bed or clothes. Effective, and very helpful for mum's health. You won't believe it if you have never had a baby, but you just don't have time to make a cuppa.
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Buteyko breathing

Here are some links for the RESEARCH behind Buteyko breathing technique.    scroll down for the references

Food and B&Bs

A few of my favourites. Let me know yours!

Just around the corner from where I live, convenient for Dartmoor and all things Devon, this delightful b&b specialises in quality local foods.

Peaceful retreat, with optional therapies, in Teignmouth, South Devon.
This is owned and managed by Jane Hurley, a retired homeopath and friend of mine.

"Teignmouth is in a beautiful part of the West Country. This is a 1-bedroom self-catering apartment which is very private and comfortable. In addition to a peaceful retreat, you can arrange long or short therapeutic breaks with help from excellent local practitioners (Alexander Technique, homeopathy, counselling and psychotherapy, kinesiology, etc.)."  Please contact Jane Hurley if you would like to gaze at the sea and leave behind the concerns of everyday life. Jane's website is

Fair trade tea, coffee, and Cocodirect, the BEST hot chocolate I have tasted.
(Better even than a certain other brand with initials G & B....who have now been taken over by Cadbury, who have been taken over by US giant Kraft. Boo hoo.)

Original and best smoothies, and some very cute sales gimmicks, such as grass-covered cars. Even the bottles are now biodegradable.

Find out what Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and his colleagues are up to, at their new place, Park Farm, on the Devon-Dorset border.



Helplines, essential in time of crisis, or for support.
Support and someone to talk to, 24 hours, for all emotional difficulties, loneliness, and especially if you may feel suicidal,
or phone 08457 90 90 90.
Cruse have many local counsellors (in the UK) and specialise in helping those who are bereaved, whether recently bereaved or a long time ago.
Essential support and respite care for those caring for others 'Caring for Carers'.

Here are some support sites for Bedwetting:
includes a useful section for teenagers with wetting problems, on how to get help and keep it private
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Health References

These are the references I use when checking out research on supplements. Please look here if you would like to check the references yourself.

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