Taking Prescription Medication

with Homeopathy

Taking prescription medication with homeopathic remedies is quite safe, as long as you follow instructions from a registered homeopath. 


Taking Prescription Medication with Homeopathy

Do Not Stop Taking Your Medication

Your Need for Medication May Reduce

Interactions with Medicines or Herbs, not Homeopathy

Should I Tell My Doctor


Information on this site is not intended in any way as prescription or diagnosis, and is not a substitute for medical advice. If you have a medical condition, or take prescription medication, do not neglect good quality medical support.

‘Homeopathic treatment’ does not imply cure, but an individual analysis of your situation and the selection of homeopathic remedies suited to you. No homeopathic medicines mentioned on this site should be taken as prescriptive, and you should always seek qualified advice before selecting homeopathic medicines for yourself or your children. Homeopathic medicine is complementary to good quality medical support, not a substitute. Please use your common sense.

If you have a medical condition, or take prescription medication, please seek medical advice. Please read Terms and Conditions before using this website.

Taking Prescription Medication with Homeopathy

homeopathy is safe with prescription medicinesMany people ask "What if I am taking medication from my doctor?" First of all, relax!  Homeopathy can safely be used alongside all prescription drugs. No reputable homeopath should ever ask you to stop taking medication prescribed by your own doctor.

Do Not Stop Taking Your Medication

Reducing or stopping prescribed drugs without advice may lead to serious problems: don’t do it!

Some conventional medicines may interact with others. As some patients may be taking five, ten or even more drugs at a time, no one, not even their doctor, can know what the likely effect will be. There has been very little research in this area.

During a homeopathic consultation, I always want to know what medicines you are taking, both prescribed and over-the-counter. I need to keep a record of any changes in your prescription as time goes on. I will do my best to advise you of possible side effects and drug interactions, but you should always ask you doctor or pharmacist first.



Your Need for Medication May Reduce

homeopathy may help you to need less medicationYou yourself may have concerns about your medication. Some people are unhappy about side effects, and some do not want to depend on drugs all their lives. Some find prescribed medication ineffective. It can sometimes be difficult to establish which symptoms are your own, and which have been altered by drug treatment, or are side effects.

When you receive long-term homeopathic treatment, in some cases it may be possible to reduce dependency on drugs.  Side effects may also be reduced. However, you should never alter your prescribed medicine without discussing it with the physician who prescribed it.


Interactions with Medicines or Herbs?

interactions between homeopathy and drugs

There can occasionally be interactions between drugs/medical conditions, and herbs or vitamins.

This includes interactions with chemotherapy.

Please do not confuse homeopathy with these. Homeopathy contains no strong chemicals, unlike drugs, or even herbs or vitamins, so chemical interactions are not possible.

Homeopathy will not interfere with any drug treatment.

Homeopathy will not interfere with any herbs or vitamins.

Homeopathy is even safe with cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, but I always advise my clients to discuss this with their consultant. It is better if we all work together with no misunderstandings.

Homeopathy works by stimulating your own natural balancing and healing mechanisms, and not by treating any illness directly. If you follow instructions, prescribed homeopathic remedies have no side effects. I cannot say the same for over-the-counter homeopathic remedies that are taken without professional guidance.

I am happy to write to your doctor about your homeopathic treatment if you wish.

You may encounter one problem if you combine homeopathy with other treatments. It may be hard to tell what is doing what! However you will come to no harm from this. Your best guide is, only change one thing at a time. Whether you are starting homeopathic treatment, herbs, a new vitamin, reducing a prescibed medicine, going on a diet, or whatever - only change one thing at a time. Wait a few weeks to assess results before changing anything els, and consult your doctor/homeopath/other helath professional.



Should I Tell My Doctor?

some doctors encourage homeopathic treatmentMost homeopaths, myself included, encourage you to maintain your relationship with your doctor. We would always encourage you to tell your doctor of any natural treatment you are receiving, although this remains your decision. This is particularly important if you are receiving conventional cancer treatment. Herbs and natural remedies may affect this, although homeopathic treatment is safe. You may want to invite your doctor to talk to me, for reassurance about any possible interactions.

If you should ask me, I am happy to write to your doctor, should this be necessary. I can also write medical notes for sickness or other purposes, for my regular clients. Sickness notes are not available for email clients, though  I can write to the doctor.

Otherwise, I can reassure you that your treatment will remain completely confidential, in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the Society of Homeopaths (See Links).


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