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Natural remedies for men’s sexual health,

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Enjoying our Sexuality

If this is an area you don’t want to discuss, or find offensive, I suggest you stop here, and visit a different page!

natural remedies sexual enjoymentSex is normal and natural. Sex can be very pleasurable. Unfortunately in our culture, sex is also seen as a ‘performance’. This is especially true for men, though women also feel pressurized by sexual performance anxiety.

There is no obligation to have a high sex drive, or to feel that sexual pleasure is the most important aim in life. For some people this is not important. If you are happy as you are, then you don't need any kind of treatment.

However, some men are not happy with their sex lives, and feel that things could or should be better. Unpleasant life experiences can put us off, or make us believe a pleasurable sex life is not for us. These include childhood upbringing; sexual abuse; early experiences; different cultures; questions about our sexual identity; forced marriage; rape. Male rape is very traumatic and is under-reported.

Problems with a partner may stand in the way of a happy sex life.

The situation may be complicated by physical conditions such as Peyronie’s disease, urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, testicular cancer, candida/thrush - anything that makes sexual contact uncomfortable.



natural remedies sexual confidenceIn our climate of high expectations, lack of sexual confidence is something experienced by many men of all ages. There are not many opportunities to discuss or admit anxieties.

Perhaps, like me, you regularly get spam emails for ‘male’ products. Typically they are either drugs to enhance erections or pleasure, or products alleged to increase your ‘size’. These companies are exploiting your anxieties.

There is no product that can increase penis size, just as there is no product to increase the size of any other body part! Neither is there anything out of a packet that will turn you into a babe-magnet, or solve a relationship difficulty. These pills and patches are unlikely to carry either safety information or a guarantee.
Please, please do not go for these products.

If you have a medical condition which needs drugs, see a doctor, so there is some safety assessment, especially if you take any other prescription drugs. Medication to enhance erections is available on prescription, but may not always work: it depends on the cause of your problem. If you are concerned about your ‘size’, or about an imbalance of desire between yourself and a partner, please arrange to talk to a counsellor experienced in these matters.

Fortunately, human sexuality and pleasure are not measured in inches (or centimetres - is yours metric?), and there are many natural ways to enhance your sex life. Difficulties with erection, fertility, sexual stamina or enjoyment, may not be medical; they are often connected with your mood, your confidence, your diet, your relationship, or previous experiences. Lack of confidence and anxiety respond well to homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy can also treat some hormone imbalances and fertility issues. A consultation is completely confidential. See Homeopathy and Sexual Health.

There are some natural and widely available supplements which can benefit sexual health and fertility, see below Natural Remedies for Men's Sexual Health.



Good research is very hard to come by, when it comes to our sex lives. This makes sense: it is not easy to conduct good scientific research on an activity which is personal, variable, and (usually) private!

Most of the hype about products comes from advertising, not facts. Ask yourself: if such products really existed, wouldn't we all know about them?

"A lie will fly around the World while Truth is still putting on its pants"
Popular saying.


Sexual Health and Fertility

Sexual health is not only about pleasure. It also includes fertility. This is one area where both men and women consult doctors. Unfortunately, many fertility problems are never traced to a medical cause. It is worth looking at alternatives, such as homeopathy, or nutritional supplements, which treat the whole person rather than one part. I have personally seen many successes in my own practice.

It is not essential for both members of a couple to receive treatment, but it can help. Each person's treatment will remain confidential.

There are several natural and widely available supplements which can benefit sexual health and fertility - read on!


Homeopathy and Sexual Health.

Homeopathy is a wonderfully sympathetic treatment for people with sexual or fertility problems. Not only is it personal, supportive and confidential. It also recognizes that everyone has a right to enjoy life to the full, whatever their appearance, age, inclinations or history.

Homeopathy is not judgmental. A remedy is chosen for you individually, matching your personal circumstances, and taking many health issues into account. The more healthy and fulfilled you are as a whole person, the greater the sexual health and fertility you can enjoy.

Treatment is long term and can support you for as long as you wish.

Online consultations offer maximum privacy, and can be most helpful if you have embarrassing, personal or upsetting issues to discuss, or cannot find a therapist locally.

Read more at:
Homeopathic Consultations

Natural  Remedies for Men's Sexual Health


arginine for male healthArginine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the body. It helps the arteries produce Nitric Oxide.

Nitric Oxide regulates blood flow, and is necessary for the male erection. Nitric Oxide is also involved in vaso-relaxation, allowing extra blood to flow to the genitals both male and female. The drug Viagra also works by increasing Nitric Oxide. Arginine is more natural and has fewer side effects! Arginine is also necessary for a healthy sperm count and motility.

Arginine is required for insulin production and blood sugar control, and may inhibit the absorption of fat, so may be useful in weight control. In addition, it is beneficial to the arteries of the heart. For these reasons it is often used in fitness products (see Natural Remedies for Fitness and Weight Control)

For men's sexual health, Arginine combines well with Grape Seed Extract or Pycnogenol: see below.

The technical name for Arginine is L-Arginine.


avoid in cases of schizophrenia.
avoid if prone to, or suffering from, herpes infection, because anginine 'feeds' the herpes virus. The amino acid Lysine antagonises the virus..
avoid if pregnant or breastfeeding.
physician’s guidance with liver or kidney problems.
for maximum effect, take separately from protein, ideally 30-60 mins before or after protein meals.

Recommended: Arginine powder tastes pleasant. Mix this powder with a little juice or waterMay include L-Ornithine, which helps the body make more Arginine.


Pycnogenol and Grape Seed Extract

grape seed extract for male healthPycnogenol (pronounced pik-nodg-e-nol) is a trade-marked Pine bark extract. Grape seed extract is almost identical and comes from, you've guessed it, grape seeds! No-one has trade-marked them yet, so it is cheaper.

Pycnogenol  and Grape seed extract both contain antho-cyanidins or OPCs, powerful antioxidants with proven use in improving male sexual health. OPCs stimulate Nictric Oxide in the arteries, just like Arginine (above) and the same mechanism as that well known drug Viagra. But these are safer, and have MANY added health benefits. In cases of erectile disfunction, try taking Pycnogenol/Grape seed along with Arginine for at least 3 months (and remember, the cause may not be physical).

Anti-oxidants in general improve sperm motility and mobility. 200mg OPCs daily has been shown to improve the health of sperm in 90 days, by up to 100%.

Other benefits of these products:

  • Protects all tissues from free radical damage.
  • Vein health and blood circulation.
  • Arterial health, cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
  • Healthy Vision.
  • Learning ability, memory and brain function.
  • Collagen protection.


    Generally extremely safe. Consult your doctor if you use anti-coagulant medicines such as warfarin.


    Rhodiola Rosea

    rhodiola for male healthThis adaptogenic herb supports the body during stress and is likely to increase male hormones. We all know how stress can be bad for your sex drive and performance. Rhodiola can be helpful for male sexual health by improving mood, libido and stamina.

    Rhodiola can help depression by boosting serotonin, a brain chemical linked with good mood.  Unlike St. John’s Wort, Rhodiola does not interact with conventional drugs.

    Warnings: rarely, requires supervision if you have coronary spasm or fluctuations in arterial pressure. requires supervision if you have nervous excitability and hypertension.



    zinc for male healthZinc is a well-known essential mineral for male reproductive function, including male hormones and sperm health. You may not realise that Zinc helps lift testosterone levels, so it may improve both male sexual health and male sexual drive. You will find Zinc supplements (possibly with fancy names and prices) on a lot of 'male fitness' websites!

    Zinc is necessary for sperm count, sperm mobility and full male fertility. Research on male infertility shows an association with low zinc levels, and good sperm counts are associated with higher zinc levels. Several trials show that zinc supplements can increase sperm count, sperm motility, and quality of sperm, although not in all men.

    Zinc is also an antioxidant and helps protect cells including muscle cells and blood vessels. In addition it benefits the immune system.

    We absorb only around 20% of the Zinc from food, less if the food is processed! Sadly, Zinc in food is often depleted due to modern farming methods. Our bodies do not store Zinc, so it is important to replace it on a regular basis. Zinc occurs naturally in many foods; if soil was good, rich sources of Zinc could include:

    • Oysters - why do you think they have that reputation?
    • Crab, shellfish, fish, poultry, red meat.
    • Spinach, chard and collard greens.
    • Peas, black-eyed beans, peanuts.
    • Dairy and eggs.
    • Cereals especially oats and whole grains.
    • Pumpkin and sesame seeds.
    • Cherries (pictured for humorous reasons) do contain Zinc and Vitamin C, though not large amounts. Cherry trees suffer badly if Zinc is deficient in their soil.

     Taking a supplement at 15mg day will protect you. More can be taken for short periods: 2 months.


    do not exceed the recommended daily dose for long periods. 
    best absorbed when taken separately from high fibre food.



    Selenium is found in high concentrations in the sperm and testes, and in the prostate gland. Research indicates Selenium can help sperm motility, but probably not sperm count.

    Selenium is a useful anti-ageing mineral. Selenium is also useful in heart protection, cholesterol lowering, and eye health. Selenium benefits the immune system because it is essential for the production of Glutathione, one of the most powerful antioxidants in the body. Research indicates that Selenium deficiency may be a factor in AIDS.

    Selenium occurs in small amounts in a number of foods. Vegetable Selenium is better absorbed than meat or mineral forms. Brazil nuts are a significant source, also eggs, garlic, and brown rice, seafood and yeast. Adequate vitamin E enhances the effects of Selenium.

    Warnings: none. Safe at doses up to 200 micrograms in a supplement. Dosage including food sources should not exceed 400 mcg. as excess Selenium can be toxic.


    Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed)

    epimedium horny goat weedYes, it is an astonishing name, isn’t it! Epimedium Grandiflorum is a valued herb, traditionally used for thousands of years in China for men's sexual health, performance and impotence. Research indicates Epimedium may stimulate testosterone release and improve sperm count too.

    Can be taken as needed. Some manufacturers recommend allowing 90 minutes for maximum benefit as a stimulant. Anecdotally, some men experience an effect in 15 minutes, and some women also report benefits to the libido. As this is a stimulant herb, I do not recommend taking it long term unless supervised by a qualified practitioner; in China it would always be balanced by other tonic herbs.

    There is considerable medical research on Epimedium. Unfortunately, most of it is animal or test tube research, so it is unclear if results will transfer to live humans! Potential benefits of Epimedium include circulation, cardiovascular health, and stress and immune response. Test tube studies reveal possible benefits for cancer treatment.

    Warnings: No well researched evidence of contraindications or drug interactions. Some sources suggest Epimedium should not be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding; if you have cardiovascular illness; if you take any drug acting on hormones, or have a hormone-dependent cancer; if you take warfarin or similar; if you are under 18.

    Recommended: Widely available, though be careful to choose what you want: many preparations are combinations of several herbs.



    Glyconutrients are becoming more and more popular. Glyconutrients are plant sugars (not sucrose), nutritional supplements that help basic cell communication, and can help many chronic illnesses. They are usually available mail-order, through representatives who can also provide support and guidance. Sadly they are quite expensive. Glyconutrients have many applications for health.

    For men's sexual health, look for glyconutrient products which balance the endocrine (hormone) system and support recovery from stress. Some products also contain Arginine, see above.


    More Information and Support.

    This page lists some natural remedies - there are many others.

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