Pregnancy, Childbirth

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pregnancy childbirth and breastfeedingWelcome to the section about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, babies, children and early parenting!  Childbirth is a special time for both mums and partners, and also an important transition if it is your first child.

I am a qualified antenatal teacher with the National Childbirth Trust, Britain’s leading charity for information about pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting.

I regularly offer health guidance in pregnancy and childbirth, breastfeeding, and for babies and children, both as part of my homeopathic practice, and my NCT antenatal classes. Below you will find a list of links to various info sheets. These are not NCT info sheets, they are my own. I hope to add much more as time goes on, and I welcome your ideas.

I have prepared these info sheets as guides only, and they are not intended as a substitute for appropriate medical information, nor as any form of diagnosis or treatment. I encourage all expectant mums and their partners to keep close links with their midwives and doctors, and to use their own careful judgement about other sources of information, especially on the internet. See Disclaimer at bottom of page.

Some of this information may not be applicable outside the UK.

You can find lots of useful information on the NCT website.
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Pre-Eclampsia: important to know

Is Baby OK? Encouraging baby into a good position for labour
Optimal Foetal Positioning may contribute to an easier labour

Pregnancy and Childbirth: Natural and Homeopathic Remedies
Tips for getting labour started, and more


Birth Support

Induction of Labour

Is Your Baby OK During Labour? Monitoring.

Is Your Baby OK When It’s Born? APGAR scores.

Caesarean Birth Information

Pregnancy and Childbirth: Natural and Homeopathic Remedies
Tips for getting labour started, and more

Not all parents choose to breastfeed, but if you do, you may find these useful.

Breastfeeding: blocked milk ducts

Breastfeeding: Natural and Homeopathic Remedies
Tips to encourage breast milk, and more.

Commonly called mastitis, but may not be. Page 3 has lots of tips for nervous, sleepless or feverish children

Crying Babies
More help for babies who cry a lot, including digestive problems teething and Colic

First Aid
Natural help for accidents and minor injuries, stings and burns.

Women's Sexual Health


Men's Prostate Health

Men's Sexual Health

Please also see:

Homeopathy in Pregnancy and Childbirth.

Homeopathy for Babies and Children

Homeopathy and the Menopause.

Homeopathy for Men


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