Is Homeopathy Right for Me?


A light-hearted quiz to help you decide whether homeopathy is right for you.

is homeopathy right for meTry this quiz!

There are no right or wrong answers.

It may help you to decide whether homeopathic medicine will suit your personality at this time.

Please write your answers on a bit of paper!
I do not yet have the technical expertise to do this electronically.

My favourite friends are:

a) No-one in particular, I have a lot of acquaintances

b) I haven’t much time for casual acquaintances. I prefer close friends I can share and talk deeply with

c) I prefer special friends, yet I find I mainly talk to neighbours or casual friends, I feel a bit dissatisfied

The best way to plan finances for my retirement would be:

a) buy lottery tickets. I could always get lucky!

b) invest in savings or a pension plan although it is tough

c) Neither, I haven’t time to think about it

I am thinking of changing jobs/going back to work.

What will work best for me?

a) A part-time job from an agency or the first available local job

b) I think about what I really want long term, and plan to get it

c) I might take the quickest thing right now, but I know it isn’t what I really want

I like my garden/the plant pots in my yard.
This is what I choose:

a) Easy annual flowers for a quick result, I don’t mind if they all die back before winter, though it’s a bit depressing having to start over each year.

b) Perennial flowers, bulbs and shrubs that may take a few years to establish, but they give long term pleasure in every season, and there is less weeding

c) Some of each, I’m working on it!



You are probably happy with over-the-counter remedies, conventional medicine, or readily available natural remedies like Echinacea or Vitamin C. You will benefit from occasional trips to a physical therapist, such as an osteopath or chiropractor. You may never resolve your health problems, but you are content to live with them, and you hope you never have a crisis. Why not give homeopathic remedies a try for acute problems like colds and coughs? They can give quicker results. And check out Natural Health Answers and the Health Topics for more information on natural supplements.


You already know what you want in life, and you do not like settling for second best, even if it means waiting a while. Naturally in an emergency, you would see your doctor, or a physical therapist, but in the meantime, no grass will be growing under your feet. You would rather look after your health now, than wait for a crisis to come along later. You may have occasional disappointments, but you believe in maintaining a healthy immune system. You know that happiness, and perhaps spirituality, are also important for your wellbeing, and look for therapies that include these. Homeopathic Treatment will suit you very well, both for immediate difficulties and for long-term or emotional problems.


You understand that planning ahead is the best policy, but you don’t always like waiting. You are thinking about what matters most to you in your life, you are searching but have not yet found what is right for you. You like to keep your options open. Homeopathy and natural remedies will suit you well for acute problems like colds, coughs, and children’s illnesses, and even intermediate health problems like period pain, headaches or digestive upsets. Try Natural Health Answers for more detailed answers. As you gain confidence, you will benefit from a more in-depth Homeopathic Consultation or Online Consultation.

I hope this has helped you decide what is best for you and your health. Everyone is different, and we all need different things. It may help to read more about homeopathy and other natural treatments:

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