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It may seem a lot to read, but it is in your interest to do so.

1. When you use the information and services on this website, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the terms and conditions set out here, including any changes to these terms and conditions, which may be made from time to time.
2. These terms and conditions, and the disclaimers on any page of this website, apply to all information from, and communication with Helen Swan, whether verbal, electronic or written.
3. The information and services on this site are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Helen Swan is not a doctor of medicine, and by law, she is not allowed to make claims: no clais to treat or cure any complaint, and no claims of a medical nature. She is not at any time diagnosing medical conditions, or making claims for the treatment of any condition. The information on this site is for educational purposes only. It should not be considered diagnostic for any medical condition, whether for prevention, treatment or self-prescribing. If you have, or think you have, a medical condition, it is your responsibility to seek appropriate medical advice. This disclaimer applies to all information and communication, verbal, electronic or written.
4. You use the services of Helen Swan and the Natural Health Answers website entirely at your own risk. Helen Swan provides information based on her training and personal experience as a professional homeopath. Every person and situation is different, and it is your responsibility to decide if you want a second opinion, and/or seek medical advice, concerning any information, suggestion, or service offered. Helen Swan may suggest that you seek medical guidance, tests or treatment. Please be particularly aware of the limitations of email or telephone consultations. You are always welcome to make an appointment to consult Helen Swan in person. Helen Swan is fully professionally insured via the Society of Homeopaths.
5.  Pregnant or breastfeeding women, and anyone taking conventional medication: Before using services or information on this site, Helen Swan recommends you take qualified medical advice. Unfortunately, there is little research in these areas. Warnings against use of certain products in pregnancy/breastfeeding, or with certain medications, may reflect lack of evidence, rather than known dangers. Lack of such warnings may also reflect lack of evidence.
6. Children's Policy.
Helen Swan follows UK government guidelines on working with children 16 and under.  You can view the govenment guidelines in the booklet 'Seeking consent: Working with Children' at www.dh.gov.uk (publications).
If enquiries are received from, or suspected to be from, anyone 16 or under, Helen Swan will ask for appropriate confirmation of identity and age, and/or adult permission, before proceeding. However, the young person's wishes regarding privacy of the consultation will be respected, as far as legally possible.

Helen Swan and Natural Health Answers will not knowingly sell products to any child 16 years of age or under, unless they are supervised by a responsible adult. The identity of the responsible adult must be confirmed by paying for any consultation or products with a credit or debit card. For this reason, other payment methods will not be accepted for children's Online Consultations, Reports or supplement orders.
7. Privacy Policy.
Helen Swan only collects and uses information lawfully, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Information is collected solely to provide the services offered on this site. Other than for those services, you will not be contacted, unless you have given permission for future newsletters. You may unsubscribe from any newsletter by emailing Helen Swan. Helen Swan never passes your details to any third parties. unless required by law. You may check the information Helen Swan holds about you by emailing her, and correct any inaccuracies.
8. The content of this site and of any personal communications is available for personal, non-commercial use only. Please observe Creative Commons Licence: text available for copying if this source is acknowledged and a similar injunction is placed along with the copy. Images may not be copied at all: they do not belong to Helen Swan. See Image Credits.
9. Helen Swan is not responsible for the content of any websites or services mentioned, or linked to, on this site. These are offered for your convenience, and it is your responsibility to check their validity.
10. Uninterrupted access to this site cannot be guaranteed.
11. Helen Swan is not responsible for any delay or failure of services resulting from act of God, riot or civil commotion, breakdown of machinery, power failure, failure of email, loss in post, or anything else beyond her control.
12. This site uses a secure UK payment system, Nochex. It does not store your credit card or other payment details. Although everything possible is done to ensure security, Helen Swan is not responsible for any breach of security, and will not be held liable for any misuse of the payment system.
13. All clients, but particularly those in the USA, should note:
These statements have not been evaluated by any government agency and are not intended to medically diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Homeopathic remedies are recommended based upon traditional homeopathic evaluation. Nutritional or other products are not offered to diagnose or prescribe for medical or psychological conditions nor to claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions, nor to recommend specific nutritional products as treatment of disease or to provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, or apply medical, mental health or human development principles, to provide diagnosing, treating, operating or prescribing for any human disease, pain, injury, deformity or physical condition.
The information on this site is not a substitute for medical advice from your primary care physician. The advice and products that may be recommended are offered as therapies that may benefit normal structure and function.
14. These terms and conditions do not affect your rights under English law. If you live outside England, it is your responsibility to check your rights, and the legality of any remedies or supplements suggested, in your area.
Note for clients in USA: under recent legislation, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may require the submission to the FDA of prior notice of the import into USA of any food, including food supplements. Should you need homeopathic remedies, I will let you know where to purchase them within USA.

Special thanks to Ralph Fucetola 'the Vitamin Lawyer' (see links)

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