Safe Weight Loss

During Pregnancy

and Breastfeeding?

Is this possible? Is it a good idea?

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Many women are distressed by the weight put on during pregnancy, and seek help from weight loss products while pregnant or breastfeeding. There are dangers, because the ingredients may pass to the unborn or breastfeeding baby, and your baby certainly does not want to lose weight!

The safest way is to wait until you are not pregnant or breastfeeding. But if you insist on trying, it's essential to try to find out which products may harm neither you or the baby.

It is hard to come by reliable information on the safety of natural remedies, including weight loss products, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is because no-one is prepared to do experiments on pregnant and breastfeeding women, or babies! That is good. But as we have no clinical trials, we can only refer to observational studies and traditional usage. You must make up your own mind if you are happy with this.

I must make it clear I believe it is better to save your weight loss project until you are through with pregnancy or breastfeeding. I offer the following for your information only. I am not recommending using any of these products during pregnancy or breastfeeding. I am quoting manufactrers recommendations, which you can check yourself by contacting the manufacturer.

If you may become pregnant, it is also important to avoid risky supplements, and maintain good nutrition such as enough folic acid and Omega 3.

1. Natural remedies at present believed to be safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding, and which may be helpful to reduce weight, or increase fitness, include:

Co-enzyme Q10
Colostrum (warning, several other health contraindications)
Glucosamine and Chondroitin
Hydroxy Citric Acid (HCA, Gambogia)
Multi Vitamins and Viridian Sports Multi (warning, contain Iodine)
Vitamin C
Colostrum (warning, several other health contraindications)

2. Weight control supplements which the manufacturers claim to be safe for pregnancy, include:


3. Weight control supplements  which the manufacturers claim to be safe for breastfeeding, include:

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
Cell Assist

4. Weight control supplements which the manufacturers claim to be safe if used with supervision, during pregnancy or breastfeeding, include:

Power Health Slim Nite
Carb Block
Green Tea (warning, limit intake, the caffeine can stop your baby sleeping)

PLEASE READ UP ON THESE PRODUCTS FOR ANY OTHER WARNINGS. Do not neglect medical guidance and treatment.

See the pages on Weight Control and Fitness.


Homeopathy and Weight Loss.

Having children involves so many adjustments in every part of our lives. However much we may have longed for children, and love them, there are big changes in work and home life, relationships, body image and self confidence. Homeopathic treatment is very supportive, homeopathic remedies are easy for mother and baby to use, and they contain no chemicals. Homeopathic treatment can help you reach a happy weight, but they can't do it for you. Effort is still required..

Check out whether this may suit you, see Homeopathic Consultation or Online Consultation .

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