About Helen, Homeopath in Totnes

Registered homeopath in Totnes with 27 years experience. Clinic or home visits or online. I can help people who want to help themselves to get healthy!


My Homeopathic Practice

I have been working as a registered homeopath and health adviser since 1987. I currently practise in South Devon, England, where I live with my family. I also teach antenatal classes in Totnes, Dartington and Kingsbridge. I trained with the NCT in 2005.

I offer homeopathic consultations from my clinic in Totnes. I also offer home visits in Brixham, Paignton, Torquay, Newton Abbot, South Brent, Buckfastleigh and Ashburton, at no additional cost.

Further afield in South Devon, home visits can be arranged for an extra fee in Kingsbridge, Dartmouth, Teignmouth, Bovey Tracey, Kingsteignton, Ivybridge and southern areas of Dartmoor.

I also offer online or phone consultations for those who cannot make an appointment in person. See Online Consultations.

Previously, I practised in Durham and Darlington for about 10 years, in the North East of England. I then worked from various clinics in Paignton and Preston for 9 years, before moving to Totnes in 2006.


My Training as a Homeopath

Helen Swan studying homeopathy in 2005 I began training at the Northern College (Newcastle) and then the Northumbria College (Darlington) between 1983 and 1987. At that time, there were only half a dozen colleges of homeopathy in the UK. Now, there are over 20.

Before training in homeopathy, I completed a BA degree in Psychology at Durham University. I then had ten years experience working in a shop specialising in natural medicines and ecological issues. I also have two years experience working in a Paignton health food shop.


Buteyko Breathing Technique

buteyko breathing at natural health answers

In 2000 I trained in the Buteyko technique, which re-trains our breathing in a very gentle way, and improves oxygenation in our bodies. Buteyko breathing is best known for helping asthma, but can in fact be useful for all kinds of chronic problems: arthritis, allergies, even insomnia and weight problems!

It is preferable to learn Buteyko Breathing Re-training with supervision by a qualified practitioner. Although you can find many websites with information, and a few with details of DIY breathing exercises, if you have poor health I do advise you to look for supervision. Simple mistakes may undo all the good of these simple exercises. This is especially true if you have asthma. Re-training takes a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on how much time you spend on the exercises.

Never stop any medication without professional guidance, and ideally, the agreement of the practitioner who prescribed that medication.

Buteyko breathing is straightforward. Even young children can easily learn it, after the age of around 5 years, with guidance from a caring adult. However, children’s exercises are not the same as adult exercises, and must be adjusted for the age, health and ability of the child.

I offer training sessions in my clinic: contact me for details or an information sheet.
I am very confident about the benefits of this breathing re-training. Anyone who learns this properly with me, and gains NO benefit, can have a full refund. Terms and conditions of this given on request, or at the start of treatment.


Antenatal Support In South Devon

baby and antenatal care

In early 2005, I qualified as an Antenatal Teacher with the National Childbirth Trust (DipHE from Luton University). I ran regular NCT antenatal classes in Totnes for 6 years, but stopped in early 2011, to continue privately. I now offer individual sessions for for expectant mums and dads, covering many aspects of pregnancy, labour, and early parenting. If you know several people who want support, I will run a course for you all together.

Contact me for details

I still wholeheartedly recommend NCT courses, for details see links for NCT national website.

You will also find lots of free info in my Pregnancy and Childbirth section.


Use of Natural Remedies in Pregnancy, Childbirth, and for Children

I have a special interest in helping babies, children and pregnant women with natural medicines. We have to be so careful in childhood and pregnancy, even with natural medicines.

See the Pregnancy and Childbirth for a list of all pages on this topic,
including pages about children’s supplements, natural remedies for pregnancy childbirth and breastfeeding, positioning baby for childbirth, and lots of tips.


Supplements, Healthy Eating and Weight Control

In addition to homeopathic treatment, I supply information about vitamins, minerals, herbs, and many other natural remedies and food supplements. Advice is sadly lacking in many places that now retail alternative/complementary remedies, such as supermarkets and high street pharmacies. I have designed the Health Topic pages to offer general guidance, and the Natural Health Answers REPORT to answer your individual questions on natural remedies suited to your situation.

Many people are needlessly distressed about their weight or ‘image’ – both men and women. It is so much more important to be happy and healthy! It then becomes much easier to reach your correct weight. See more at Natural Remedies for Weight Control and Fitness.

I can also discuss with you how to use some of the ‘new’ foods we see on shop shelves and on TV. Superfoods such as spirulina, barleygrass and wheatgrass; gluten free foods; sprouted seeds; soya products; oriental additions like aduki beans and seaweeds. And I’m still learning.

I look forward to working with you.

Helen Swan, B.A, Dip.HE, R.S.Hom., Registered Homeopath.


Note: The Register of the Society of Homeopaths

society of homeoaths registered member

The terms ‘Registered Homeopath’ and ‘R.S.Hom.’ mean that I am qualified to be on the register of the Society of Homeopaths. This is the largest professional association for homeopaths in the UK, and the oldest, established in 1978.

‘R.S.Hom.’ is the highest level, full registration. The Society of Homeopaths has over 2500 members, including 1,300 fully registered. Like all registered members, I graduated from a Society-recognised college, I have full professional insurance, and I abide by the Society’s strict Code of Ethics and Practice.

You can view the Code of Practice and the register on the website of the Society of Homeopaths.

I regularly attend Professional Development workshops to keep up to date.

More recently, other homeopathic associations have been established, and they have separate registers. When you consult a homeopath, it is always a good idea to ask where they are registered. At present, there is no law in the UK to say who can practise as a homeopath, so anyone can set themselves up. Membership of a register provides some protection for the public.

For some years, there have been moves to set up a single, unified register of UK homeopaths, which may help you, the public. Things are changing rapidly in the world of homeopathic registration.  Unfortunately, some groups have tried to subvert this process, setting up registers which appear inclusive, but are not. In the near future, some professional associations may also change, or cease to operate. If in doubt, I recommend you to contact the Society of Homeopaths for an unbiased view of whether any register can be trusted. Over and above that, always check your practitioner’s credentials and insurance, and make sure it is someone you like, and can trust.